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How Driver App Features Benefit Drivers In Taxi Business?

Mobile applications are crucial to keep your business up and running in the modern market. The world of technology has drastically changed in recent years , and all kinds of innovations are emerging at every turn including taxis, too. Your taxi will be different from competitors due to its ability to adapt quickly to the latest services, like Uber-like, or car rental firms that offer similar services at lower costs and still provide better service to customers than traditional taxi services.

The market is full of diverse taxi apps. The one type that is made for established companies in need is the One Type. It lets users book their rides quickly and helps drivers find possible cheaper fares more quickly than before.

The team behind the development identified the distinct needs of drivers and passengers, which resulted in two separate applications. This allows more personalized features, and gives you the possibility to have exactly what you want without interruptions.

Must-have Features for Driver Apps

One key factor to maintaining loyal customers in the taxi business is to ensure drivers have full control over their applications. Driver-friendly features enable customers to focus more on their job , and makes it simpler for them. This results in more efficient service delivery.

Vehicle Tracking System (GPS).

The drivers always prefer to use mobile apps that reduce their efforts and provide the best practices. GPS tracking systems can identify the exact location of the person. Once they provide their permission, it is much easier for drivers to locate them at any time.

Button It is available

Drivers are now able to use their smartphones to let them know they are available for any new requests, and also get information. The driver will be informed immediately in the event of an order. They can then find an alternative price or provide additional information, such as their current location.

Driver Dashboard

With this feature, drivers will now be able know how they compare to other passengers in terms overall performance. They will also gather useful information and statistics about their journeys. Before deciding whether to improvetheir performance, they will be able to review feedback from other riders who’ve been on their previous rides.

SMS Alerts and Emails

All important messages from passengers will be relayed to the cabs via email and SMS alerts. They are also able to reply to these queries with an option to accept or decline with a simple interface which is advantageous for both parties of the transaction.

Begin/End the Ride

The most efficient method of finding your destination is with maps. They also provide the drop-off and pick-up points which makes it easier for everyone who are involved.

Accept/Decline Cab Requests

When a passenger requests transportation they’ll be able to tell if it’s accepted or denied within seconds. If the driver doesn’t answer within 15-30 seconds of receiving the notification via the app, it’s a sign that there are no more cars available in this area which could take them from the start.

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