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How Many Types Of Visas Are There For Saudi Arabia?

It can be challenging for those wanting to travel to Saudi Arabia due to all the recent changes to visas. It will teach you all you need to know about the visa and how to apply for them.

Saudi Arabia Visa Types

1. Visas for business and commercial reasons

The most common and easiest visa type for Saudi Arabia is the commercial/business visa. It allows a person to travel to Saudi Arabia on behalf of their business or organization, provided they’ve been invited from a current client. You can apply online anytime prior to your departure, provided that you meet certain conditions like having enough funds in a particular bank that permits funds to be made available on demand.

A client who wants to bring their family along for an occasion must first be scanned at the door. After that they will have to wait to be patient while the office conducts its business. It can take about a month or three months depending on the length of time it takes. Once all plans have been approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs offices it won’t come as surprise when you hand out invitations. There’s just joy for a person special to join your family.

2. Visit Work

Take note that you won’t be paid directly by Saudi hosts when you apply for an official business visa. This is because the US employer only pays one portion of a business visa. If you suspect they have done something wrong, please make sure that their application for visiting work authorization has been approved prior to going over. Keep in mind that the application is still going through the channels just like other applications. There will be some changes in dealing with Embassy staff.

3. Government Visa

A government-sponsored program is the easiest and most well-liked visa. This type of permit is obtained through a visit to Saudi Arabian government institutions and their personnel at the Embassy when applying. There is a lesser amount of documentation will be required from the applicant to apply for this type of. It generally takes about approximately 1-2 business days for approval of the application. The application is completely free.

4. Family Visit Visa

A family-friendly visa is extremely difficult to obtain since it requires documents to establish your relationship with the client. Birth certificates or marriage licenses if you are visiting grandparents , but more important than these tiny items, there must be an established bond between two persons that are parent and child. spouses are of great importance in obtaining this kind of travel document.

5. Visa for Residence

The Residence Visa is designed specifically for those who intend to relocate or live in KSA. This type of visa comes only from the Ministry of Interior. It is linked directly to your Iqama card. You will also need an employment-based permit. The Ministry of Interior will issue you an invitation that is yellow. But, it’s important to read the entire document.

6. Work Visa

A work visa for Saudi Arabia is not an easy process. One of the most difficult visas requires you to be employed by and get benefits from your employer, which could only be done if they provide direct hiring once per year! Most people must be referred to several recruiters before they are considered to be employed.

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