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Lightsaber: Things You Should Know

The Lightsaber can be used to knock down any opponent. It’s an elegantand basic design made of light steel with two handles either side and a switch to turn it off and on between attacks.

Fans around the world love lightsabers. They’re one of the most popular pop culture weapons. Where did these gorgeous swords come from? What is their purpose? What makes them so distinctive that people will to fight with little but delicate metals for possession or to shield themselves from the wrath of another? It is not enough to answer the question in this moment. The solution lies in a description.

Lightsabers were used prior to the time The Republic was founded. These lightsabers were developed as the result of intense meditation techniques and could be used in wartime. They’re so powerful that they are able to be able to cut through battlefield like no other. Today, you may hear of First Blades or Force Wars. However, these myths are based on legends.

Legends from Star Wars tell of a period in which two warriors battled with lightsabers. The proto-saber was first known lightsaber. It was able to emit twin beams from its prongs, and created such an intimidating display that the heartbeat patterns of people’s became too rapid.

The lightsaber is a versatile weapon. It’s comprised of an electro-plasma sword powered by kyber stones. If the emitter matrix is not properly aligned, it will cause undesirable outcomes. The modern-day lightsabers are more complicated because of their capacity to function as weaponry for combat and swordplay against Tibanna’s native flora which includes flowers that have medicinal reasons, like Mon Mothma grass (which assists in treating radiation poisoning).

Imagine the fear that will wash over you when your arm goes up in flames when a knife fired from an enemy’s weapon slices through it. Although you could put out the flames, it’s probable that your arm will be damaged.

The Force-attuned stones can be found throughout the universe on Kyber crystals. These Living Crystals are able to communicate with each other and share an unknown consciousness. Some claim that they can communicate with living creatures or inanimate objects, such as computers. Specialized crystals can concentrate and store the light-saber’s energy. Living crystals can withstand the extreme pressures and temperatures in stellar cores, as well being able to withstand other environments that normally destroy most substances found on Earth. This is why they are the ideal vessel for this important task.

Even when we don’t be able to see it The Force is always in our corner. Each kyber crystal featured a unique resonance that guided any Jedi who was constructing their lightsabers towards one they felt was meant for them. Some even emitted music or displayed harmony to give guidance upon contact while others showed coldness when not touched immediately with the focus to find the ideal partner (which often requires more than just searching).

The heart of a lightsaber is the Kyber crystals. They bind with Jedi Masters to allow them to change their blades’ colors. Blue or green is the most commonly used hue on both sides, depending on which side you are on. But, other hues could be the result of this special ability that Luke Skywalker has blessed these ancient machines with.

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