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The latency measure is how long it takes your computer to react to any action, for example, clicking on the link. The majority of people will not notice any difference in Spotify streaming or listening, but gamers might have problems due to delays. Satellite internet has a higher precision than wired connections. This means that they will experience slower performance from games due to high loss rates.

It is the time between the input you experience (in this instance, an anchor) and how fast that gets to others. It can also affect the responsiveness of your device if you play online video games or view YouTube videos on the internet. This is because they aren’t always 100% accurate in timing, because of their speed over fiber optics cables.

What’s the reason for the latency?

Latency is a real pain to gamers and End-users who want to enjoy their favorite content on the go. Your latency is influenced by the distance between your computer and server. Additionally, Wi-Fi strength or type may affect the latency. It is also possible to have an impact on the modem/router combination that you are using There are a variety of options! If it sounds complicated initially, don’t worry because we’re going to explain each piece here.


Latency, or the amount of time that information takes to travel from one spot in space and into another. This is how far your system is from the server(s) which are supplying the data requested by your computer. If it’s not dissimilar enough, you’ll experience an increase in latency.

Propagation Delay

Propagation delay, the main factor that determines how much latency you feel while browsing on your device is crucial. It also affects the other measures of bandwidth and connection speed like speed of downloads (which rely on the reception of data packets from where they were sent) and uploads that depend upon having an enabled network card, and the same is true for wirelessly connecting.

The types of Internet Connection

There is a huge distinction in latency between the different kinds of internet connections. DSL, cable, and fiber have lower latencies but satellite’s tend to be greater due to its design design that requires more physical space to transmit that results in longer wait times aswell in a higher buffering capacity for websites that you need access to, such as videos or audio files, etc.

What’s the point of a website?

Have you ever clicked on an advertisement and then waited for several minutes before the site could load? This was due to them trying to make their Angelfire page look good. It was filled with The Office memes, so every time you go to it, it takes longer than usual.

Large files such as HD videos and photos require that your web browser download them all. There could be delays due to the fact that they might be hosted on an outside server.

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